Wisext - Bill of material for Sketchup

What do you get with the full version of the WISEXT TOOLS?

Export of length, surface, volume, etc.

There is no limitation on the export of entity data like length, area, volume, etc., by SU2XL.



Dropdown list for Wattributes

When you tag entities with Wattributes, you get a dropdown menu with the values that have already been encoded into the model.

You can choose to hide this dropdown list via the Wattribute options:


Export of advanced attributes

Components in SketchUp get natively advanced attributes. You can export price, dimension, url, status and owner to Excel.

You can choose whether or not to export these advanced attributes in the SU2XL options:



How to get the full version?

Why register to activate a full version of the WISEXT tools?

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