Why does only one row appear in "Find And Report" when multiple entities are selected in SketchUp?

It happens that you see several faces or edges selected in a SketchUp model but there is only one row in "Find And Report". For example, this is the case for the shirt pocket in the screenshot below:


This is normal. These are faces or edges inside a component. This component has several instances in the drawing and all objects drawn inside the component are defined only once. If you change the color of the object, all instances change color simultaneously.

So there is only one object that can be manipulated and that is what you see in the "Find And Report" window.

If you export the data to a table, however, you will get several rows reminding you that there are several instances of the object, which can be convenient when making a bill of materials.

Sometimes with groups as well.

A bit more surprisingly is that you will sometimes have the same situation with entities in groups. A group is normally a component with a single instance but there may be temporarily multiple instances when a group has just been copied. Here is a similar example where a group containing a face identified by an attribute has been copied 3 times. The face was searched by "Find And Report" via its attribute value.


You have the mention of only one face while 3 faces are selected as in the case of one face in a component.

This behavior of the multi-instance group is only transitory. As soon as you work on one of the group instance manually (editing or naming it), SketchUp will create a distinct group with different entities.